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Bushcraft for Schools


Bushcraft for Schools is available for all keystages and all abilities, mainstream and SENA. All courses are individually designed around the needs and abilities of the group. Bushcraft can offer learning and development opportunities for all individuals at all ages. Often you would need to bring your group to the woodland to achieve this  and yes this can be booked in, but as an alternative I can come out to your site to demonstrate and teach your group bushcraft techniques, whilst giving the students an authentic flavour of the whole bushcraft experience.

Through many years of delivering courses such as this to groups, including schools, I believe it is an excellent tool to engage, inspire, encourage, build confidence and esteem. Working as a group outdoors, with no social media or technology to distract, begins to teach the individual how to make decisions, problem solve, engage with their peers and gain transferable skills and knowledge.   I have discovered using Bushcraft as a medium, is a most effective way of engaging and drawing out individuals. Over the years I have witnessed some hard to reach young people who struggle in mainstream education, participating and thriving, whilst fully engaging in the outdoor environment.   


All sessions start with a Health and safety briefing

Overview of what the differences between Bushcraft and Survival are and when they would be used

A practical demonstration of how to implement and perform bushcraft techniques
Safe use of tools, including demonstration. Tools that can be used are knives, axes,  flint and steel, carving and whittling tools, also a range of other cutting tools

Fire lighting techniques using various methods - from flint and steel, friction or magnifying glass

Shelter building using different methods

Food sourcing

Water purification


Natural cordage and how to make it

Woodcraft – this teaches how to carve and shape utensil's such as a spoon.

Green wood work – carving and whittling   


‘As the nature deficit grows, another emerging body of scientific evidence indicates that direct exposure to nature is essential for physical and emotional health. For example, new studies suggest that exposure to nature may reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and that it can improve all children's cognitive abilities and resistance to negative stresses and depression’.

Richard Louv

‘What would our lives be like if our days and nights were as immersed in nature as they are in technology?’

Richard Louv

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