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Bushcraft Weekend


The Bushcraft Weekend course is designed for those that want a more in-depth experience of living in the wild. This course is similar to the overnighter, however, it is more advanced teaching you the various methods and principles to consider when building your own shelter. A variety of techniques will be demonstrated whilst lighting your own fire to keep warm and cook on, as well as learning all aspects of health and safety when preparing and cooking food.




The first part of the weekend you will be taught what elements to consider whilst planning and designing your camp. You will be shown through practical demonstration how to perform and implement bushcraft techniques, whilst sourcing materials from your immediate surroundings.

The second part of the weekend you will be putting into practice all the techniques you have learnt, resulting in a sustainable camp which is safe, warm, dry and comfy. There will also be the opportunity to learn how to make utensils using woodcraft as a medium.

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